Monday, January 26, 2009


As a result of this past weekend's move, I have inherited a gorgeous and humongous dark wood dresser. T and I are pretty sure it's at least 60 years old (from the manufacturer's stickers inside), and it weighs about 500lbs.

He has given it to me to store some of my clothes in, as my closet isn't big enough (my old room's was bigger). Love him.

Over the years I'm assuming that the knobs fell off because now, where each one should be, and where I bet one was, judging by the ring distressed around the hole through the wood, instead of knobs, there are now disgusting and ugly black braided ropes to pull the drawers in and out with.


So, I'm in the market for new knobs.

I'm thinking of some like this.



Stephay said...

Wasn't Knobby the house elf in Harry Potter???

But seriously...take a drawer and go to Home Depot. See what they have that will fit in the space and look nice. That's what I would do:)

Anonymous said...

I am always fan of brushed silver. Home Depot and Lowes are nice but they can tend to run on the high side. Smaller hardware stores or even stores like the Hobby Lobby and Michaels would have great prices for bulk. Plus you will have a lot more inspirations to chose from, might find something else you luv! Good Luck:)