Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Move

So the boys are moving in this weekend.

That means that this guy will be making delicious meals,

And this guy will be giving me backrubs.

I am very excited.

And not worried about roomate-type things at all. The townhouse is really too big for just my sister and I to rattle around in, and the more the merrier. Maybe now we'll actually use all the rooms, which definitely did not happen in the Pasadena townie. And this way, there'll only be one long drive and not two for when we all want to hang out.

In other news, I have a scratchy throat today. Ergh. I'm guessing it's from the hectic pace of last weekend, along with the weird weather (according to my body. 6 degrees one day, 60 the next, what's going on?....)

So today I will go home and go to bed. Maybe watch yesterday's episode of Lost, then go to bed. And crochet and/or read until I fall asleep. At 6 pm.

Hopefully by Saturday morning I'll be ready to tape boxes and open doors and "supervise" the boys moving furniture...

Just kidding. I'll be carrying stuff too. May even make some cookies.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Ughh, sore throats are the worse. They just seem to linger and linger and linger. Sorry probably not helping. Yay! for new roomies. Always fun when we can live with friends. And ummm that hotdog your chowing on looks soo good! Rest up, and hope you are feeling better soon!!!

The Shabby Princess said...

Oh, feel better. I have having a sore throat.