Monday, February 23, 2009

Magic Mountain, take I

Today I'm not quite connected. I was walking out to my car (finally with no-gloves-needed weather), repeating to myself the mantra to "be here now, be here now, be here..."

Ever have those days? When you're just living in your head, or more like a few inches above your head, actually? And you need to be tacked down, Wendy sewing Peter Pan to his shadow style?

Maybe no one knows what I'm talking about. Oh well! ANYway, in an effort to tie myself to myself and my day with a needle and thread, or a monitor and keyboard (and memory card from the camera), I'll document Saturday's trip to MM.

I snuck out of bed early in the morning, tiptoed downstairs, made myself a nest of blankets and pillows on the chaise, and got to work, catching up on school stuff, and on the deplorable state of my toes - it was time for a pedi! So, with frequent filing, cuticling, etc stops, I hit "send" on all of my nearly-due assignments and silenced the to-do list's pinging in my head. I was able to enjoy the day, no worries.

Whew! I hate having to mentally keep checking what must be done. It's so nice to have a free day.

And off to Magic Mountain we went. We stopped on the way to grab coffee - and T got some kind of green tea thing. I apologized in advance. I knew that, without caffeine, my loving and attentive T may just want to toss me off the roller coaster, at the high point, because of the combination of my hyperactive morning personness and caffeine.

note: I don't drink anything caffeinated more than a couple of times a month. It's a habit I started in college. Home was 11 hours away, so I liked to keep my caffeine tolerance waaay down so, when I needed it, I'd be bouncing off the walls (or car windows, as needed). It worked. And I like it. Not to mention the fact that I realize what this stuff does to my body - why would I want to have enough to build up a tolerance? Yeesh.

So, here's the day:

We arrived soon after opening. All of the rides had decently short lines still and we decided to jump on a few good ones and go home after a few hours. Why make yourself sunsick and tired when you can come back all year?
In the Fortress of Solitude (Superman ride. Which wasn't very true to its name, judging by the crowd :) )
I've only ever been to MM about 3 times, and it was T's first, so we did have to consult the map. Shameful, I know. After we'd ridden our fill of coasters, gotten sufficiently light headed and hungry, we headed toward the entrance.
We may have fed some ducks from my cheerio stash:
And, on the way out, of course, we (meaning I) had to ride the carousel. I can't explain it, it was just there, and so lovely, with all the lightbulbs (seriously, would you brag about this?) glowing:
We were so awesome that we had the ride all to ourselves.
Moving carousel mirrors do not the best picture taking make, but I tried:
After our rough-and-tumble morning, we knew that a nutritious, balanced meal would hit the spot, so we picked one up on the way home.
Or something.
Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome...I am totally envious:)I am glad you guys had fun!! T looks so adorable with the map!!!

Robyn said...

What a great time! Looks way warmer there than it is near me. I'm soo jealous.

Stephay said...

Lots of fun! Gotta love season passes. There was a high of 36 here today. I am so jealous!

The Shabby Princess said...

OMG, In n Out! OMG--I love!! I haven't had in YEARS since I've been in Texas for the last 6 years of my life, but oh my, my, do I ever love In n Out...