Friday, February 6, 2009


I am (somewhat) back from the land of the sick and decrepit. Here are some things I learned along my journeys:

1) The flu actually does suck. I'm one of those who always thinks (when everything's peachy, of course) that the being "sick" can't actually be that bad. Well, I'm wrong. Uncontrolled teeth-chattering shivering after hours under blankets, dizziness, achy joints and muscles, and no sense of hunger or thirst at all, rather, in fact, a strong aversion to food, really are as bad as you may imagine.

2) Being sick while on a school retreat where everything's cold and drafty, and everyone around you is all sunshine and loveliness and hugs and prayers, is not as positive as it may sound. At all.

3) It's amazing to be hungry when you haven't been for days. Remember the little things, people!

4) Fruit smoothies are safe. And T makes good ones. Oh, those are good to have around. Both the T's ad the smoothies, but I'm referring to T in the previous sentence. But not my T, that one's already busy taking care of me.

5) Plugging in memory cards and uploading pictures is rather unappealing when your eyes hurt if they look in any direction other than straight forward and/or if they hit bright light or sunlight.

6) 8-hour trafficy drives home are much less fun being sick and not agreeing on music with your carmate (which is why we both wear ipods in times like these)

and, last but not least, and I may well get crucified for this but it's totally true:

7) Having the flu is really, really good for your abs.

I had to say it.


Elle said...

thank you for posting about the things you do. i wish i was your friend in real life. (pathetic but true)

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

U have been bag tagged!

Brian said...

I haven't had the flu since 8th grade, which would probably explain the state of MY abs..

The Shabby Princess said...

Ick! I hope you're feeling better. Everyone around my office has been sick, so, my boss forced us all to get flu shots. i dont' do needles.