Friday, February 20, 2009

Sinky Mouth

At some point in the last yearish, I decided that I should change my language.

Cursing isn't all that ladylike, after all. But, as someone who had recently emerged from years of various college campus immersions, I didn't have the nicest speaking patterns. I blame my colleagues.

In my defense, my vocabulary was great! My friends used to get annoyed with me for putting in random $5 words. Right next to 4 letter ones, that is (that's not the part that aggravated them...)

So, I started making up curses. They have changed and evolved, and nowadays tend to just be noises with consonants thrown in. It's now common to hear me throw out a "holy sheraza!" or "frickafrack!" or, even worse, "oy vay!"
- "So now you're a jewish grandmother" my sister says -
I can't explain that last one. But, that's why I call it a sinky mouth rather than a potty mouth. And there's always T's favorite curse - "Holy Stromboli!" Yeesh.

In other news, my massage table arrived this week! And last night I finally unpacked and dressed it in the lovely soft and organic linens I bought, and used T as my guinea pig. Here's the one I got:

The plan is to start doing Reiki on the side. I was trained up to Level II in 2003, and I haven't used it professionally at all. What is Reiki? It's a form of energy healing that, according to those who've just gotten up off the table, feels like you've had a massage or acupuncture. It uses a lot of similar logic as those, although it just involves gentle, static touches rather than kneading or needles. You can read more about it here.

But, I haven't done it regularly in a while. It's a good idea to do self-Reiki daily (actually it's unethical to charge for Reiki unless you're doing self-Reiki daily, because with it flowing through you in order to get to your client, if you're not already all Reiki'd up, you're potentially stealing your patient's Reiki! No bueno). So, I'll be practicing on T, and on the roomies if they have about an hour a pop to spare, then in a couple weeks I'll start to advertise. Wish me luck! I got a portable table so I'll be able to travel to clients' homes, rather than them come to me, which is nice for everyone included. They don't have to deal with driving to a new place, and I don't have to clean my house :)

So, if you're in the LA or Redondo Beach area, let me know if you want Reiki :)

Ok, done with plugging. What else is awesome about today? It's Friday. And what's doubly awesome? There's a seminar today so I have a blueberry muffin and orange juice from Panera gazing at me from my desk, longing to be eaten. Oh, don't worry guys. It'll happen. And triply awesome? Six Flags Magic Mountain tomorrow! Some exhausting fun is exactly what the doctor (being me, hey I'm more than halfway to my Ph.D, I can self-diagnose fo sho) ordered after this crazy and stressful week at work.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm a big fan of 'mother trucker'. You should try that one. :)