Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vday Weekend 09 Recap

What a whirlwind weekend! Ones like this make you actually ready for the week, rather than dragging on Monday (or in this case, Tuesday) morning. I think a bit of this may have to do with the 3-day weekend, no? I wonder if I'd always feel this way if every weekend was three days long. Probably, until I got used to that and needed a four dayer! Sigh. Oh well, a girl can dream...

Anyway, on to the recap!
...but I'm getting ahead of myself...

Friday night was the party for Friday the 13th/the boys' "housewarming"/B's birthday. Who, by the way, made the most awesome vegan-but-didn't-taste-vegan-in-the-least spread:

Some friends came in,

I got to hang out w/ my sis, who lives across the hall from me yet I never see her,

And there was a lot of this,

Some of this,

Which inevitably led to this (Rock Band).

Now, on to Saturday!

This year's was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. I've realized, over the years, that it's not about how extravagant the gifts are, but about how you feel about each other. One of the problems is, when we're young, us ladies somehow pick up the idea that "better" presents mean that our significant others care for us more. Well, I can tell you from personal experience that this theory is a load of B.S. (excuse the French, or something).

In my past, I've gotten crazy elaborate and too-big presents, no presents at all, and things in between. And, to be completely honest, I can get myself stuff if I want it. I'd rather have love.

Not that T's any gift-giving schlub! Friday he brought me home roses (which were laid on my pillow and I didn't see until I had stormed into the room when we were having a difference of opinion about something completely random, as in I can't even remember what it was, before the party. There's not much that'll diffuse a tantrum better than T sitting down on the bed behind me, rustling the flowers' paper as he moves them out of the way, and therefore creating mixed feeling within me of feeling guilty for not seeing them before when he'd clearly left them there for me to find, and gratitude for having such a sweet guy, and double guilt for being a brat...)

Anyway, the point of gifts is to show that you're being thought of. So, why not show that in little ways, all the time? If something (God forbid) happens to one of you, I doubt that you'd ever hear the other person saying "man, I really miss those big checks so-and-so used to bring home so we could get the industrial air conditioning unit"... I bet you're more likely to hear how hugs are missed, or someone going out in the morning to get the rain-sodden paper so the other doesn't have to, and those type things.

Just thoughts. Take em or leave em.

But, back to the point. Saturday morning we got up and drove up to Pasadena to go to the Huntington Gardens.
I bought a membership last year and don't use it nearly often enough. I love going (refills my inspiration fuel tanks or something like that), so he came along with me to breathe in the beauty of the perfect weather in Pas that day.

Next, we went to get massages! It was T's first, and it'd been way too long for me. Thankfully, T was a huge fan and we've decided to try to make them a quarterly event. (Marking seasons? Special occasions? We're not quite sure yet, but what we do know is that once a year is way too little to do something that awesome).

Once we were all relaxed-like (and hungry), we went to Gogo sushi in Pasadena (if you're anywhere in the vicinity, go! It's amazing). That's probably what I miss the most about living closer. We've decided to make Gogo a monthly event. Yum.

Finally, back home. Where we got almost through season 3 of the Sopranos (I think if I never hear an f-bomb again after I'm done w/ this show, it'll be too soon), and T made me
this delicious pizza.

Happy Tuesday!
(oh, and btw, my very awesome green hat and such on Vday were fruits of my crocheting labor of late. I made them all in 2 days. Yay for instant gratification!)


Stephay said...

I love the green hat with the flower! It is so you.

redframe said...

Oh my gosh you guys are gorgeous. Can't wait to read lots more when I find the time. I'm a follower now so I will be back!!!

redframe said...

PS, I NEED your green hat and mittens! I'll pay you, seriously! Too adorable for words and the colour is just divine! Do you have an etsy shop??? In between the ph.D you know...