Thursday, February 19, 2009

Roller Coasters

This weekend, T and I are going to Magic Mountain! We bought Season's Passes, and as long as we go once (beginning of the season sale) they'll pay for themselves, and as long as we go four times this year, the parking part will too. I love the exhausting fun that theme parks provide, and cheap too, if you consider the above. Here's my pass from last year:
I only went once, so it was kind of a waste. But, now that I can drag T with me (I got one by myself last year) I know it will be different. Besides, I know in the future I won't always be within an hour's drive of a park like this, so why not live it up and get vertigo now, while I have the option?

Happy Thursday! Thank goodness the weekend's almost here, it's been a nutso week!


The Shabby Princess said...

i LOVE Six Flags!!! 6 Flags Magic Mountain is my favorite, I must say. How fun!

Anonymous said...

Gah, I need to head over to six flags. Miss the ninja!!!

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged!!!