Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend '09 (and on getting old)

So on Saturday we met some of T's buddies from college who were in town visiting. They were stretched out on the frigidly cold beach, and there we were, in our normal shoes (what was I thinking? And how in the world is it physically possible to get THAT much sand in your shoes when your feet are in there too?...). I know that it's warmer over here than in D.C., but I'm sorry, 63 degrees is too cold for me to surrender my pashmina-acting-as-neck-scarf, much less take off my clothes....

Anyway, after the beach meetup, those guys were going to go to a beer pong tournament, and I'm just getting too old for that sort of thing.
#1) I'm terrible at beer pong.
more importantly,
#2) It's just not worth it anymore to me to spend a sunny Saturday delirious, and completely rob myself of a Sunday because it's spent in a room with the curtains drawn, trying to make myself as still as death because any movement hurts, including that of my hair...

So we didn't tag along.

Instead, we went over to Santa Monica and a sweet Irish bar there, with huge horseshoe booths and random guys yelling at the baseball game on tv every 3.2 seconds. Well, make that random guy. And no one else was watching the game. The bar was quite silent, actually. It was a little awkward.

But there were moderate drinks involved,
(this was supposed to be a normal shot with all of us in it. Obviously that didn't happen so the pics on my post will be very B heavy. It was just that angle of the booth, can't help it. But oh, by the way, he's, in his Sexy Vegan guise, started a new blog. It's here. Go check it out.),

...and we didn't end up leaving til after 10.... from our 3:30 arrival. Here is another testament to my (relatively, as in the past yearish) newfound adulthood, that in the entire time there, I had 2 nutty Irishmen (a drink! geeeeez) and a cider (which was delicious). I was completely unfazed. Honestly, I don't know if I've ever left a pub that sober....well perhaps I have, but not if I spent more than 30 minutes in said pub.
That night we went home and had a little band practice, and the next day, T and I, acting as responsible adults again (isn't half bad. I could get used to it) went grocery shopping (okay so I guess actual responsible adults would've gone before the day that they needed the supplies) and made a delicious Easter feast for two.

We're talking Sangria with fresh strawberries and oranges. Did you know that strawberries soak up the carbonation? So after 30 minutes in the carbonated sangria (from ginger ale and stuff), you eat a carbonated strawberry. It sounds weird, yes. Heck, it tastes weird. The jury's still even out on whether I like it or not...but interesting, nonetheless....

And a roast chicken with vegetables (see Carrots in the Kitchen post from long ago, multiply amounts by 2, add bacon and increase oven time)

And to top it off? Made from scratch carrot cake cupcakes, with cream cheese frosting also from scratch. Yes, I do have one in my little pink lunchbox today. I think it's time to start watching Dancing w/ the Stars again...

Happy Monday! And I hope you have lots of delicious and unhealthy leftovers too :)

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