Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today's whiteboard quote:
"Stop the habit of wishful thinking and start the habit of thoughtful wishes."
~Mary Martin

This is what I'll wish for today:
  • That the day will pass quickly, but not feel rushed or frenzied (Wednesdays are always my crazy days in comparison)
  • For strength and energy for my school work (by the time I attack it, I'm usually half exhausted)
  • For clarity and attention to detail
  • To appreciate the small things, like the sun shining so brightly outside today (although not as hot, thank goodness! It'll only be in the 80's today. Remember those pink flowers I posted about a while ago? Well they're all shriveled and brown now from the past couple of scorcher days. Makes me a little sad. But that's the way of things, what are you gonna do...)
  • To be streamlined and productive in my thoughts
  • To only desire healthy foods (dang catering Wednesdays)...
I also can't help but notice the lack of comments on my giveaway post....does no one want silhouettes? I think they're a lovely thing. Well, if I keep on only having one comment, then I guess my decision will be easy! (maybe I should wish for more entries)

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The Shabby Princess said...

Wednesdays are crazy for me too. I'm ready to check out early and take an afternoon nap!