Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food Poisoning and a Ted Talk

Yesterday I had food poisoning and left work early (darned 2-month old cookies in my desk. Seriously, what was I thinking? I wasn't even hungry!).

I felt it coming on with a headache. Headaches are strange - what is it, exactly, that hurts? Your skin? Your skull? Your brain?? There's just something wrong with that.

And I am not at all prone to headaches (except for the hunger/dehydration headaches that we all get when visiting the amusement parks or Christmas shopping - that are easily remedied) so I knew to take notice.

I ate some delicious soup that T made for me,

slept for 11 hours,

and now feel fine.

Geez! So, take this note - don't eat old cookies.

Anyway, here's a gift for all of you creative types out there. I loved this video, and she makes some excellent points. I'm even going to distill a quote from the "daemon" part and hang it on my wall.

Happy Tuesday!

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