Monday, April 6, 2009

From the Thoughts of Yesterday

"What we are today comes from the thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind." ~Buddha

With this in mind, I'm focusing, on this tired and tummy-achy Monday morning, on grace, good posture, and mindfulness. I'm actually hearing the clacking of the keys as I type (how often do you notice that one?) and I'm settling back into my semi-comfy chair. I'll be staying hydrated and trying to relax the inner chambers of my mind so that they can be aired out like a room with all of the windows open.

The weekend wasn't easy, but it definitely had it lovely parts. And now the week begins, and it can be a great one, if I don't focus on how tired I am. But I do know that, when really tired, you can either see it as a reminder to be physically mindful (which is one of the things that can bring about true peace, if you let it) and let the constant input your achy body is giving to your 5 senses massage your jumpy mind into calmness, or you can harness that discomfort and let it turn you sour on the inside.

As I often say, once you realize there's a choice, how can you choose any different? Seriously, who would choose that second one?

So here's to creating the next 5 minutes, Buddha-style, by using this 5 minutes to focus on the beauty that is always just as fully present as the pain. It's all about what you choose to lay your eyes on.

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Robyn said...

Great take on it. You amaze me with how positive you remain even in the lowest, most exhausting moments. :)