Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why yes, I will have another glass...

This weekend the boys and I are going wine tasting. It will be delicious. B has volunteered to be the chauffeur (boo on having to work bright and early on Sunday), and M will unfortunately be out of town (Coachella. I decided not to go when I realized that I knew about 2.3 of the songs that only 1 of the bands performing there had released... perhaps I should listen to newer music, eh?)

I am very familiar with this wine tasting phenomenon. Heck, why else would you want to live in CA? Last summer M and I went up to Napa Valley for a day of touring the gorgeous wineries, which was fun, but a smidge too much driving (4 hours on Fri, then 4 hours again on thanks). Then, last summer when my fantabulous friend Bebe came to visit (who I am designing wedding invitations for as we speak, er, much fun!) we did some awesome wine tasting in a small but amazing winery right here in Pasadena...

He even let us go into the back room and see the wine-in-progress. Very interesting. I don't remember a bit.

But, a 2 hour drive up to Santa Barbara on Saturday morning, then a return on Sunday morning, sounds just about perfect! Not long enough to irk me (that's my commute every day! T can go to sleep and I can listen to

- which is my current audio book. It's great! I highly recommend it. And not only because the girl reading it has the most authentic Southern accent. I feel like I'm back home again when those stretched out vowels resound through my car. I mean "threeew my cawer"...)

So there are high hopes for this Saturday. The high hopes for Sunday will be beach sun drunkenness. No, not from alcohol. From UV rays. You know what I mean.

And I'm also gonna try to fit in some school work, some reorganizing in our still-unpacked library, and 2 large paintings for my Dad's new living room up in northern CA....hmm I think I may have to restructure priorities. Those boxes just might stay packed for one more week...

So that's what I'm looking forward to today! It's Wed, plenty late enough to eagerly anticipate the weekend, I say.

And a great hump day to you too!

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