Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hi, my name is Charis, and I'm a procrastinator.

Remember that wedding I went to back in January? ...well, my gift to the couple was going to be silhouettes, but I'm a expert procrastinator, so I just mailed those bad boys off today along with the bride (my buddy since middle school)'s birthday card.

Her birthday was on Monday.

I swear, my putting-off of random things is just that - insanely random. I really like making silhouettes, notwithstanding the gluey hands and aching shoulders (from hunching over the scissors and glue) that it entails! Why do I put it off? And why do I sometimes do the things I hate the most (loading the dishwasher) first thing?

I have the answer right here:

Delayed gratification.

I always save my favorite food on the plate for last.

I get all of my unpleasant tasks done in the morning so I can relax in the afternoon.

When I was 3 years old, I saved my baby aspirin for later on my dresser (those things tasted good. Why doesn't grown-up medicine taste like that?) and believe you me, my mom was not happy about it.

So that's my weird habit for the day. The up side? I have nothing to worry about for glorious carefree stretches.

The down side? Sometimes my day is taken up doing the stuff I do first, and so it makes for a completely tired and yucko day.

But what are you gonna do?

What are your weirdo habits?


Anonymous said...

those are too cute. way to go miss!

i proscatinate all the time. on papers, reading, laundry, eating healthy, taking churhill on a walk. all the bad stuff. i think they actually call it being a lazy. i prefer proscatination. sounds smarter.

habits? i have to listen to the the pirates of the carribean soundtrack when i get ready in the morning. i do not know why, but i do:) i also eat the cake first to save the icing for last. i actually dig the cake out from underneath the icing.

Stephay said...

Weirdo habits??? I have no weirdo habits....right?

The Shabby Princess said...

I do the same thing!!! I unload that dishwasher before I go to work in the AM, but when it comes to things I like (i.e., mailing a gift to someone, finishing a fun project) it somehow ends up taking 500 billion years to complete. Awesome.