Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Silhy Giveaway

So in honor of my long-ago 100th post, I'll be giving away customized silhouettes. It'll be anywhere from one to three, and you can pick the size, color, etc. They'll be black on a background of the color of your choice, and the size will be with the background included (up to 8x10). I'll do one, two, or three for you - of your family, parents, kids, or whatever.

Not a bad deal, if I ever charge for these bad boys, they'll run somewhere in the $40-$60 range, per sil (those things take foreeeever to make!)

Anywhoo, here's what you've gotta do:
1) leave a comment
2) become a follower (or already be one)
3) mention the giveaway on your blog

I'll pick a winner Friday!

Yes, this is a small giveaway. But, it's my first! (So I think only a small one is okay).

In other news, here's today's quote:
"I have a 'Play the Melody' philosophy. It means don't over-arrange, don't make life difficult. Just play the melody and do it the simplest way possible."
~J. Gleason.

In other other news, sorry about the odd font. Blogger is being weird and won't let me pick.

In other other other news, it's gone get up to 94 today. Ninety-four degrees. And last week I was wearing a scarf. What the heck.


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

nice blog, hai friend u r invite to my blog, i wan share my yoga life style to u,thk

The Shabby Princess said...

Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to win!!! They would look to nice in my house.

Stephay said...

I would LOVE to have one of each of my 3 children :)